Drake wants to be the bigger person

Drake wants the world to lay off Chris Brown. A week after a new lawsuit was filed against drake in regards to the club fight he was recently involved in with Chris Brown, the Canadian MCs did a radio interview where he addressed the issues he has with Chris. He stated that people should just simple let Chris Brown be. To get more info from the interview take a look below.


Justin Bieber.. We Don’t Believe It

As of late Justine Bieber has been in the news for all of the wrong things from smoking weed, to letting little twist (WHO? lol) crash his car. Well Justin has made headlines yet again for what he wrote at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam Bieber wrote and I quote If Anne Frank had not died a teenager in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, Justin Bieber hopes she would have been his devoted fan. I don’t Know what to say about this but clearly people are upset about it. If you would like to did deeper check out the link below.


Jay-Z and Beyonce vs the world

The world is mad at Jay-Z because of a song that Jay has recently released called open letter. Jay-Z makes a statement in the song when he says Obama told him to chill otherwise he was going to be impeached. That alone has put our President under the spotlight. To make matters even more ridiculous a reporter at a press conference asked one of Obama’s representatives about the song.

Honestly its not that serious but hear is the song so you can make that decision for yourself

The REAL Rick Ross Speaks about The date Rape Lyric

Rick Ross the rapper has been all in the headlines for the aftermath of his verse on the song he did with rocko called U.O.E.N.O. In an effort to save his name, the real Freeway Rick Ross has commented on the issue and says the rapper Rick Ross is dragging his name through the mud.

For the people who don’t know, THE REAL RICK ROSS is a former drug kingpin responsible for discovering how to make crack in a microwave. He went to prison for his actions and has turned over a new lease on life. 

The rapper Rick Ross has been using THE REAL RICK ROSS persona to make a name in the music industry. in his words When we are young we make mistakes and some can be life altering. I made my mistakes, paid for it and have since lived my life to help the youth to not make those same mistakes I made. So while the real Freeway Ricky Ross is telling the youth not to sell drugs “the rapper Rick Ross” is glorifying it and reprogramming those young men and women I am trying to save.

To read more about the article chick on this link—–> http://www.hiphopgossipsite.com/2013/04/the-real-rick-ross-addresses-rapper.html#more

Dang the rapper Rick Ross took someones persona U.O.E.N.O!!!!

Not Cool J...

In the world of Music there have always been songs that were made to try to help people open their eyes and unify Such as We are the Word, Earth Song, and Man in the Mirror Well Hip Hop Legend LL Cool Jay has Teamed up with country singer  Brad Paisley to make a song  titled Accidental Racist. The Song was a great concept but once LL Began to rap it began to go down hill the song ends with LL Cool Jay saying “” If you don’t Judge My Gold Chain I Will Forget The Iron Chains”” I guess D’Jango has people feeling a certain way…

Now dont get it Twisted Country Music and Hip Hop have a lot in Common but Hey it is what it is


A few months back hip hop became excited because we all thought that we were going to see a dope battle between two dope Phillie rappers named Cassidy  and Meek Mill if you know what was going on with these two guys there is no need to give a deep history lesson, just know that Cassidy stepped up to the plate and Meek back down, but over the weekend Meek Mill Had a show in which he said some things about The Hustler Known as Cassidy

There is nothing wrong with adding gas to a fire but Meek when Cassidy brings wood to the fire please be prepared…

Just Like Ice Cube Will forever be Dough-Boy Drake You Will Forever be Jimmy Brooks

A new lawsuit has been filled against drake by one of Chris Brown’s bodyguards in regards to their huge fight at a night club last year. According to the bodyguard  Drake was the reason why the fight happened. Apparently Drake sent over a bottle to Chris with a letter that said I’m Fu**ing the love of your life. Now seeing as tho I know Drake is not hard we at Waylin’s Club are going to use our brains and say that maybe somebody else sent that  bottle to Chris Brown and said it was from Drake but if we are wrong Shame on you Jimmy SHAME YOU YOU!! You aint bout that life and to prove it here is a clip of drake getting ready to cry after Charlemagne Tha God gave his opinion about him.

I Guess D Money Is Back!!!

Wow just when we thought ray-j couldn’t get any lamer then he already is, he has recently reached an all time low. D-Money oops i mean Ray-J has recently released a song in regards to Kim K and Kanye called I hit it first… Now Ray is telling the truth in regards to putting Kim on but bro Shouldn’t you be worried about that Crazy Chick Danger?? Well if you haven’t herd the song yet check it out..

Man Ray-J has a lot of nerve stepping to Kanye like this.. I wonder what happened to Miles from Moesha tho…(Kanye Shrugs)

Did Soulja Boy Get Robbed???

There has been Speculation on the best place to get information in the world (Twitter) that crank legend Soulja Boy had his chain snatch by an affiliate of Chief Keef by the name of Bailout.. Mr. Boy is stating that the allegations are false but this would not be the first time he has been involved in Drama (Cough Kat Stacks) I guess we will have to see how this one plays out.


Big K.R.I.T. "King Remembered In Time" Stream & Download Link

With features from Bun B, Wiz Khalifa and Trinidad James, Big K.R.I.T.’s “King Remembered In Time” is here. The Mississippi Rapper has had his name run all in and out of hip hop for the last two years. His debut album Live From the Underground did well and now he is back with more heat..,.

The South-Side East-Side Divide


A week ago Gucci Mane announced Via Twitter  That Wakka Flocka Flame was officially dropped from his label BSM. Most people would wonder how wakka would have felt seeing how his big homie let him go with out warning. Well This week Mr. Flame willing opened up about how he feels about Gucci at The Dipset 10 year anniversary Concert that featured the dipset crew

XXL Freshman 2013 List Ya Bish!!! > _<

The Highley anticipated 2013 freshman list has been released and from the looks of it XXL Magazine Came threw this year. This years cover features

Schoolboy Q
Trinidad Jame$
Joey Bada$$
Action Bronson
Kirko Bangz
Travi$ Scott
Dizzy Wright – 10 Spot People’s Champion Winner
Angel Haze
Chief Keef – “The 11th Freshman”

Move Over Bieber O.G Justin is Back

It is safe to say that Mr. Timberlake has come a long way from Bye Bye Bye. His New album the 20/20 experience is the number one album on the charts and sold nearly a million copies in its first week despite the fact that it was leaked. Its good to see that he is on the right path. If you haven’t already done so, do your self a favor and go cop that album, or leak it LOL

Beyonce uses her lyrics to make a clear statement

Beyonce has recently used social media to stand up for one of the most controversial subjects right now which is same sex marriage. She used one of her stand out lyrics to articulate how she feels with the use of instagram